How WE Works

1. Process and Design

Our teams have decades of experience, so you can sleep easy knowing your working with experts from day one.  Your vision and our experts, together for the first time. We’ll document your space and propose initial plans. This is where it all begins. 

2. Permits

When you embark on either a new build or a home renovation project, it is important to apply for building or renovation permits. Not only does this process ensure that the work completed on your home conforms to the building code but it helps protect your investment and will not hinder the sale of your home if you ever want to sell.  

3. Refine

We incorporate your feedback and give you everything you need to make well-informed decisions. 



4. Budgeting

We use timesheets detailing which parts of the project require work and for how long. We regularly refer to the original budget supplied at the beginning of a project to provide status updates on how we are progressing. Your budget won’t change unless there are requested add-ons or the scope or scale of the project changes. “Add-ons” can quickly add up, that’s why detailed estimating, proposals, permitting and material coordination is essential to a successful project and a happy homeowner.



5. Building

We’re now ready to build your dreams. 

We’ll work with an engineer to finalize structural details and procure permits required to proceed. You’ll meet with your Project Manager and talk about work flow, location of tools/equipment, and next steps during an on-site project review, setting a date for a weekly check-in to monitor progress. 




6. The finish line

Review, Walkthrough, Move In and referral.heck-In’s 0 Visit 

We are known for our dedication to serving the client and collaborating closely with them in an honest, professional, and creative manner, so it all turns out perfectly. Our team will be with you, from the site plan and floor drawings, all the way to the finishing touches, last coat of paint and the crown molding installation. With or without preliminary plans drawn up, we will ensure the building process is a pleasant and as accurate to your requests as possible. As a home builder or a remodeling contractor, our work process is always only about You!

We Do What We Love

Hugo Home Improvement is a family business that has been serving the restoration and renovation needs state of North Dakota for last 5 years. We have successfully and proudly completed hundreds of renovation and building projects in Williston, Watford City, Dickinson, Mandan, Bismarck and all surrounding areas. 

We value the quality of our work, the expertise and processes our team has developed and the incredible relationships we’ve built with our team, customers and community over the years

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