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At Hugo Home Improvement , we will work with you to plan out how to maximize the size, configuration and functionality of the space that you want to renovate. We will get to know your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle to design a space that is perfect for you and your life. Furthermore, we will carefully think through what you like and dislike about the room or rooms you want to renovate, and get clear on why you want to renovate them. Some of the specific things we will consider during the design process are: size and configuration of your existing, space, electrical work or plumbing that may impact our renovation, aesthetic preferences etc. Moreover, it is our commitment to do whatever it takes to design and construct your perfect living space

Whole home renovations include anything from building ground up to navigating new ideas for each room.

Whichever one it is Revision Renovations works with you to build your dream home. Whole home renovations include opening up two rooms to create a more spacious open concept, adding more space, re-designing the kitchen, adding an outdoor kitchen with spa like features or even demolishing the entire home and reconstructing it to fit your specific style and needs.

As one of the top contractors in North Dakota we know that the best way to start a whole home renovation is with a firm understanding of how you use your current home, what you like and dislike and the key issues you would like to address. From there, we can determine if you need to open up your home, change and upgrade a few rooms or build a new home from the ground up

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